Divine Alignment

Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them with you. This morning we seek to understand how to align our wills with the Father’’s will.

And now, sit back and listen to today's message. 

Divine Alignment

"If a man love me he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him." John, Chapter 14, Verse 23

Brothers and sisters, in today’’s broadcast, we share some further insights into how to align our wills with the Father’’s will. We know the basis of this alignment is the presence of the Father and his Son, Jesus, the Spirit of Truth in the souls of all who "keep his word." And what is his word? We should love one another as he loves us. And since the divine will is living within us, it becomes possible to align our wills with it. We know that prayer and worship, divine communion, is the secret to aligning the human will with the divine will. It is the function of prayer to teach us how to recognize and execute the divine will. Divine wisdom allows us to intelligently execute the divine will. 

Initially most prayers to the heavenly Father are of a temporal nature and material nature. They may be a prayer for the resolution of problems that are causing us distress; they may be of a nature of request for a goal that we would like to achieve; and sometimes that may include thanksgiving for the goals that we have achieved. But very rarely are they for the wisdom to become perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect; we very rarely request to do his will. And as we listen to our brothers and sisters, they unfailingly reveal to us what their concerns are and subsequently where they are in the process of aligning their wills with the Father’’s will.

Starting out as we do with these material and temporal prayers, we can see that we have a long way to go before we enter the true arena of prayer: the petition to be perfect even as the heavenly Father is perfect. Immediately it becomes clear that we must enter the correct prayer arena before we can begin the process of becoming perfect like the heavenly Father. There is quite a bit of temporal resistance to overcome. To further help us understand the nature of this resistance and how to overcome it, we shall use a material analogy.

We are familiar with a radio. We use it every day. We tune into our favorite program without much thought. We either turn the knob manually or electronically. It is obvious that if we don’’t turn to the right station, we are not going to hear the program that we want to hear. As we begin to tune in to this station, there is a lot of static at first. But as we continue to tune in the direction of the right frequency, the static decreases and the strength of the signal increases to the point where we hear the full signal. Sometimes the signal remains faint, even though we are tuned to the correct frequency. The signal is too far from us to capture. But as we move closer and closer to the range of the signal, the signal gradually becomes stronger and stronger until we receive the full signal. So we see from this analogy that there is the problem of first being within range of the signal and tuning to the right signal. 

There is something going on in the circuits that helps us to tune into the signal. Ordinarily there is quite a bit of resistance, noise between the stations. We must be exactly within range of the signal and exactly attuned to its frequency. Without going into too much technical detail, there are two opposite forces within an electrical circuit beyond the natural resistance of the circuit. One of these forces tends to induce additional current that opposes the flow; the other is a force that tends to oppose the force itself. These two forces if not neutralized will prevent a circuit from functioning. But there is a certain frequency where these forces are canceled out and the current will flow without resistance. This is called resonance——it allows us to tune to the station that we desire.

Analogously, in tuning our will to the Father’’s will by faith, there are certain impediments to allowing the free flow of his nature through us. The first impediment is immaturity (a material example of the radio being too far from the signal, out of range). As we grow spiritually, we come in to closer and closer contact with the range of the Father’’s circuit. From our end, our souls must grow, and this growth towards alignment of the Father’’s will is signaled by the change in the nature of our prayers from the material and temporal to the spiritual and eternal. As we move close and closer to the alignment range, our prayers become more and more spiritual. 

But in most of our experiences, especially initially, we may become discouraged and temporarily give up the attunement efforts. This usually happens when we are in transition. But we should be encouraged for the Father is adjusting our prayers from the material to the spiritual. He is pushing us closer and closer to the range of alignment. If this were not the case, we would remain in the material and temporal phases of prayers, as is noted in some who will not pay attention to their spiritual experiences. (And note is made at this point that some willfully refuse to be pushed closer and closer to the alignment. They keep breaking the circuit by switching the channel back and forth. And there are some who refuse to be pushed at all. They have given up altogether and turned the power off. They have destroyed their faith.)

But eventually our will comes within range of the Father’’s will, and we begin to hear the signal faintly. But as we continue to get closer to the signal, we realize that we are slightly off-frequency. There is a misalignment despite our efforts to align, despite our effort to attune to the right frequency. And returning to the material example, we realize that if the countering forces are not canceled out, no matter how desirous we are of attuning to the Father’’s will, it will not happen. So upon close inspection of our alignment efforts, we discover the reason for the misalignment. 

There are two forces that tend to obscure the full force of the signal strength as we decrease the distance from our wills to the Father’’s will. And that is the force of error and evil. Now these obscuring forces, one in the mind and the other in the soul, prevent the alignment of our wills with the Father’’s will. The element of error present in our prayers is directly proportional to our confusing the things of God with the things of Caesar. Error is the intellectual misrepresentation of the Father’’s character. Evil is the unconscious misrepresentation of the Father’’s character in the soul and which when acted on causes disharmony. The concepts of evil are translated in the mind, where they constitute error. When these concepts of evil and error are consciously embraced, they constitute sin.

Both evil and error are the result of deficient growth and experience. These partial misadaptations of reality are overthrown when the soul is born again when it thus is able to see the truth and consequently act on it. Having corrected these obscuring forces, the soul is now free to move unrestricted towards alignment. The soul has learned to do the Father’’s will and has tuned to the correct frequency of truth and righteousness. In due time, the alignment becomes perfect; the only thing remaining is for the seal of glue, the seal of truth. This is the stage where the commitment has been made to not only attune to the Father’’s will which has happened but to remain committed to attunement. The Father’’s will looks to the eternal future, and sees that the human will had indeed made a commitment to remain attuned to his will, and considers this to be a fact.

And since the commitment has been made to eternally abide by the Father’’s will, even though the truth glue has not fully set, there still remains some finishing touches to the alignment, some additional growth and alignment, some refinement of the alignment. The Father’’s will becomes self-acting where the representation of the Father’’s character is concerned and displays freely this character in ever-increasing perfection of quality without obstruction. And this display of the Father’’s character is represented by the flow of the fruits of the spirit from the Father’’s will through Jesus to the human will and out to our brothers and sisters.

Finally, "the glue of truth" becomes set. The goodness of the Father has been locked into the soul and wrapped in his beauty. All the spiritual values and meanings of this level of existence have been exhausted that pertains to the Father-son relationship and to display of the Father’’s character. The frequency of love is permanently set. The job is completed. The human will has become perfectly aligned with the Father’’s will. 

This concludes today's message on understanding how we align our will to the Father’’s will. 

Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry. 

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Divine Alignment