The Derivatives of Truth
Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series
where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years,
the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them
with you. This morning we seek to understand the derivatives of truth.
And now, sit back and listen to today's message.

The Derivatives of Truth
"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, if ye continue in my word, then are my
disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free." John, Chapter
8, Verses 31 and 32.

Brothers and sisters, the greatest truth that we can comprehend is that we are sons and daughters of
the heavenly Father. If this is so, then God is our Father. We shall see how this truth contains all
other truths that are a part of the relationship of Father and son. We shall lay the foundation for this
reasoning process by using the material example of a material father and his son. When a father has
a son, the son shares certain characteristics of the earthly Father. Among these are certain inherent
genetic factors that establishes the relationship between this child and his father and certain dominant
factors of understanding. "A part of every father lives in the child. The father enjoys priority and
superiority of understanding in all matters connected with the child-parent relationship. The parent
is able to view the immaturity of the child in the light of the more advanced parental maturity, the
riper experience of the older partner. With the earthly child and the heavenly Father, the divine
parent possesses infinity and divinity of sympathy and capacity for loving understanding."

By this inherent link, the child becomes an heir to the father. Whatever belongs to the father belongs
to the child. And this is true irrespective of the fact that when the child comes into the world he is
totally dependent upon his parents for his well-being and is not conscious of his parents. In time
these relationships are clarified. The father loves his child and provides the security, guidance, and
opportunity for the child's progress, all the time serving as a wise counselor as the child progresses
through the various stages of life. No matter the stage of the child, the child at all time he is his
Father’s son. And though the father loves his child, he cannot shield him from life experiences. The
Father shares with his son the pain, mistakes, and disappointments as well as the more positive
experiences of success. When the child suffers, the father suffers; when the child is successful, the
father rejoices with the child. As the child continues to grow and develop, he becomes more and
more like his father, soon reaching that mature stage of development where he begins to view life
(reality) as his father does. All of these stages of growth and development were there all the time in
potential. The child had to actualize them (become aware of them).

The greatest truth we can realize is that we are sons and daughters of the heavenly Father. This truth
is not only supreme but is also absolute. This truth identifies all possible relationships with the
heavenly Father. Since the heavenly Father is eternal, he gives all of his children eternal life. The
truth that we would like to derive from this truth is that if we are sons and daughters of the heavenly
Father, the essence of the Father must also be in us. Remember the statement above: "a part of the
Father lives in the child." And as with the material example, the heavenly Father desires his child
to grow up to share His view of reality, to share his truth. The heavenly Father has set into motion
the forces that will allow the child to grow and develop and reach that advance level of maturity,
where it sees eye to eye with the Father (becomes one with the father in actuality).

The spiritual Father’s relationship is really to the spiritual child. This child has its inception in the
material mind, and comes into existence when the moral mind makes its first moral decision. Thence
forth this spiritual child begins to grow. This child shares certain characteristic of his spiritual Father.
The spiritual Father is the father of truth, beauty, goodness--love. So it only follows that this spiritual
child would share those qualities. The realization of this spiritual inheritance comes when the
conscious mind decides to accept this spiritual status. What could be more glorious than to accept
the truth that we are sons and daughters of the infinite, eternal, absolute spiritual Father.

Now since this is a spiritual phenomenon, unlike the phenomenon of the material child whose
recognition of its father is through material means, the recognition of the spiritual Father must be
through spiritual means: faith. Now let just pause to clarify what we mean by the recognition of the
Father through faith. It simply means to believe the relationship with the heavenly Father with all
your heart and soul. It means accepting that you are indeed a son or daughter of the heavenly Father,
a faith son. We must remain faith son's because we are still living with material consciousness,
which is dominant in this life when it comes to material reality. The conscious of the material self
is self-evident; the consciousness of the spiritual self is faith-evident.

We know that there are some brothers and sisters who are unwilling to accept this faith evidence of
being sons and daughters of the heavenly Father, and their failure is due primarily to a lack of faith
and an insistence on judging the reality of spiritual things by material standards (the five senses).
They continue to believe that if they had some material proof of the spiritual relationship such as
healing, deliverance from financial difficulties, from interpersonal difficulties, and all of the other
material problems that are a part of this life, they would believe they are sons and daughters of the
heavenly Father. But there is absolutely no way that spiritual realities can be proven by material

We realize that there is a time differential that involves growth to maturity, but that does not change
the relationship of the spiritual child with his heavenly Father. All that is needed is for the spiritual
child to accept his spiritual sonship with the Father by exercising his spiritual faith. He immediately
begins to show forth the fruits of the spirit, characteristics of the Father's nature. And while we
acknowledge that there is growth in loyalty towards these fruits due to immaturity, there is no
mistaking that when they flow they are manifestations of the Father's character through His Son,
Jesus. Now that is a miracle of miracles: mortals whose initial and supreme concern of selfish
consideration should begin to display these traits of the heavenly Father in ever-increasing

When such a one begins to display these characteristics, when the Father in effect begins to flow
through him, he must at such time be one with the Father in order for the traits to flow through him.
It cannot be any other way. Even in the material world, if we want to join two things together so that
water can flow through them, they must be aligned with each other, must be fitted to each other,
must be one with each other. This oneness is also equal to doing the Father's will at such times
because it is also obvious that these traits are not human traits but the Father's traits, the Father's will.
When the spiritual child makes a faith decision to continually abide by the Father's will--to allow the
Father to continually flow through him--and when this decision is understood and consecrated and
supreme (there are no competing desires for the supreme decision of the spiritual child), then does
the decision become eternal.

It becomes eternal in the sense that time will not change the decision. The eternal Father accepts this
decision in the present temporal environment. The spiritual child has not only joined with the Father
in temporary spiritual union but in permanent union, the spiritual child has become one with the
Father's spirit and only awaits the translation flash. But this delay in factual acknowledgment can
have no effect of the functioning of the union of the Father with his spiritual child.

From the Father's perspective, He now has an eternal channel by which He can manifest his character
continually. Since this desire to manifest the Father's character continually is the supreme desire of
the spiritual child, he become subject to the great spiritual law: What the Father wills and the son
desires, is. The assurance of the spiritual child that this is indeed a truth is proved by the desire of
the spiritual child for it to be a faith reality. And this joining of the Father with his son, this oneness
of the father with his son, this eternal submission to the Father's will, this oneness with Jesus, this
union with the Father are equal to the same reality. So whether we say I am a son of the heavenly
Father, I am dedicated to doing the Father's will, I am one with the Father, or I am in union with the
Father, they equal the same truth.

This concludes today's message on understanding the meaning of the derivative of truth. We hope
you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day.

Until next  time, this is Dr. James Perry.
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     The Derivatives of Truth