The Eternity in our Souls

Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them with you. This morning we seek to understand the meaning of the eternity in our souls.

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The Eternity in our Souls

“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily I say unto you before Abraham was, I am." John, Chapter 8, Verse 58.

Brothers and sisters, in today’s broadcast, we explore how eternity is manifested in our souls. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are infinite and eternal, and though we can never be infinite, we can become eternal, and apart of the Infinite Father, and this eternal life is given to us by the Father through His Son, Jesus. Jesus offers eternal life to all who will accept divine sonship by faith, all who will believe in him. And this eternal life is lived in our souls. By entering the Kingdom of heaven, the Spirit of Truth causes us to be born again, where we can experience divine values and meanings. These divine values and meanings are eternal though they manifest them selves in the present. As we commune with the Father, we are increasingly translated into the eternal. The divine values and meanings of the Father become available to us in the present. And as we love one another as Jesus loves us, these divine values and meanings find expression in our lives.

Our anytime, anywhere communion with the Father through his Son, Jesus is an experience in infinity and eternity. The very concept of eternity and infinity being absolute must of necessity include the finite and the temporal. Eternity is related to the present as the everlasting now. In the absence of time and space, there is no consciousness of duration or separation. Sequences in eternity are non-time events, and distances are strictly volitional. The sequences of events occur simultaneously-instantly, while the distances between two points depend upon the degree of will since there is no intervening space. The Father, Son, and Spirit have absolute will, therefore they are absolutely unified-no separation at all. They are literally one, spiritually and actually.
In our universes where there is consciousness of duration-time, and separation by space-distance, we are spawned here, and therefore are conscious of both time and space, but in our souls we can transcend time and space by entering the eternal spirit. And we do this by identification with the eternal spirit that is the heavenly Father through His Son. In the prayer and worship experience, we transcend time and space since prayer and worship proceed directly to the heavenly Father through his Son without any delays of time or handicaps of space.

In short when we pray or worship, the Father hears us instantly, and responds to us instantly though some of the meanings of the values that he lodges in our soul must await the time of greater maturity of our souls, even as the earthly child must await the ripening of age before he can fully appreciate all the things that his parents do for him. But even so we should understand that while it may take time for our souls to mature to the point where they can understand and appreciate all of the manifestation of the Father’s love in our lives, the value of divine love itself suffers no such limitations.

Divine love can be experienced by the least mature soul, even as an infant experiences the love of his parents. And we who are parents know of the significant delay that is experienced by our immature children before they can really appreciate the full meaning of our love for them. But this failure to realize the full meaning of our love for them, does not invalidate the truth that they experience such love, even as we experience the love of Jesus long before we really appreciate it. Appreciation of divine love is signaled when we begin to love others as he loves us. Such a spirit born soul when reflecting back over its life, will be heard to exclaim, “He was there all the time, I just didn’t know it.”

When we are born again, we become aware of this divine love, though not fully appreciative of it. The gain in appreciation, that is our spiritual growth is contained within the moral and spiritual decisional process. We grow in appreciation of this great divine affection by making moral and spiritual decisions, even as the muscles of children become strong by the increasing difficult use of them. In other words the more resistance the child’s muscles have to overcome, the stronger they become. Likewise, the greater the difficulty of our moral and spiritual decisions, the greater is our growth in the appreciation of the meanings of divine love. Each time a righteous decision is made, potential is utilized, and a new reality is actualized. As our souls mature, we are able to focus more and more of ourselves on the decision at hand. And as we deal with each decision one at a time, we bring to bear the wisdom gleamed from the experiences of the past projected into the future, on the present.
And the moral and spiritual power for all of this living of the eternal life in our souls is made possible in our souls by the continuous unbroken communion with the eternal Father, by doing the Father’s will. Such an eternal influence has a startling effect upon our minds, causing them to be spiritualized where we increasingly comprehend the divine meanings of the values that we are experiencing in our souls. This continuous abiding by the Father’s will gradually causes our minds to expand and synchronize with the Infinite Mind. The spiritualizing effect of divine love passing through our minds causes us to be filled with a sublime sense of security, and to view the universe as friendly. This constant keeping of the mind on the Father, constantly doing the Father’s will, keeps our souls in perfect peace no matter what is going on around us or with us. The loss of anxiety for the future, and the loss of preoccupation with the past leaves only the present to be concerned with, the eternal present.

The continuous experience of eternal truth, divine beauty, and everlasting goodness in our souls as revealed in our outward life by the ever progressive unselfish ministry to our brothers and sisters in loving service causes us to become one with the Father through the Spirit of Truth of Jesus. The achievement of this state creates a peace that passes all understanding, and allows us to live in the everlasting present in our souls.
This concludes today's message on understanding meaning of the eternity in our souls. We hope you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day.

Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry. 

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The Eternity in our Souls