The Liberation of Faith

Greetings brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series where we seek to
explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, the heavenly
Father has given many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them with you. This
morning we ponder our lives as seek to understand the liberation of faith. 

And now, sit back and listen to today's message. 

The Liberation of Faith 

"If the Son therefore shall set make you free, ye shall be free indeed." John, Chapter 8, Verse

Brothers and sisters, today we shall consider the foundations for the liberation of
faith. We know that faith is a powerful spiritual force that resides in our minds and souls. It is a gift
of the Father's spirit through his Son, Jesus. 

The liberation of faith (and consequently the liberation of the inner self) begins with a desire that is
simple but which has profound consequences. The desire is a yearning for the self to survive
mortality, which creates a tension that can only be resolved by the creation of a mechanism that can
indeed survive the mortal life--the soul. But we are interested in how faith and the inner self function
once liberated. Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life and that you may have it more
abundantly." The first step to understand that this liberation refers to the liberation of our souls, our
inner selves. And while it is true that liberation brings about a change in mind function and how our
physical selves react to social and moral environments, the change occurs on the inside. The inner
self manifests itself through our material minds and bodies and infuses our experiences with spiritual
values and meanings. But the mind and body must not be confused with the soul. They are mortal
and will perish. 

Jesus' spirit of truth surrounds the mind and soul, imparting new spiritual prerogatives, like the
power to lay hold of faith. But there is a severe test to be passed before the Spirit of Truth can
function. There has to be an urge for truth and righteousness, for divine perfection, and the self must
be willing to whole-heartedly believe Jesus even in the face of material difficulties. 

The soul moves from the earthly reality of mind and body to an eternal reality, the divine spirit that
indwells it. So the soul must willingly strike the attitude that regardless of the physical or emotional
state, the liberation of faith and consequently the soul will rest only on our wholehearted desire to
do the Father's will and the power of that desire to do the Father's will. Hope is yielded when faith
is liberated. Hope is not diminished by material ups and downs. It always maintains that the soul is
ultimately victorious over all things. Even the spectacle of debilitating disease and mortal death
cannot destroy this hope, for it always cries, "my vindicator lives." When enduring despair, hope sits
next to the soul holding its hand and whispering words of truth and comfort. Hope causes the soul
to reason in this fashion: not only is the Father with me, but the Father is one with me and I am one
with the Father. If I am one with the Father and the Father is one with me, I am indestructible.
Nothing can happen to me unless it happens to the Father first. And we know that the Father is all
powerful. Being one with the Father provides us with unlimited power to accomplish that which our
joint wills have decreed. It is this unlimited power that we exercise in the form of love and mercy. 

After being liberated by faith, our life reactions are those that describe the character of the Father in
heaven: love, faith goodness, gentleness, temperance, meekness, long suffering, joy, and peace. Our
lives are characterized by prayer and worship and by the wholehearted pursuit of truth, which is the
Father's will. And we continue to pursue the Father's will not only in the sunshine of material life
but also in the sunset of life, even in material despair, pain and suffering. Our Father‘‘s character
evidenced through his son, Jesus, shines brightly. 

The liberation of faith takes a fearful soul and transforms it into a courageous self who stares the
tiger of material difficulty in the eye without flinching or backing down. Liberated faith breaks loose
all fetters that enslave the soul. The liberated soul is master of itself and boldly does that which it
sees the Father do. The liberation of faith gives consciousness to the reality of divine sonship and
launches the soul upon the high seas of eternal life. Nothing can defeat the liberated faith son who
is joined in divine oneness with the heavenly Father through Jesus. 

Liberated faith eventually shatters all material fetters and releases the soul from its material
association and launches it to the next level. Heaven is in the soul and the soul is in heaven once it
is liberated. Its tranquility is superb; its hope unquenchable, and its destiny glorious. Truly, "if the
Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed!" 

This concludes today's message on understanding the liberation of faith through Jesus. We hope you
find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day. Until next time,
this is Dr. James Perry

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The Liberation of Faith