The Love of Faith

Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series
where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years,
the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them
with you. This morning we seek to understand the love of faith. 

And now, sit back and listen to today's message 

The Love of Faith 

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrew,
Chapter 11, Verse 1. 

Brothers and sisters, when the Father proposed to make man in His image, He knew all the
eventualities that would befall us struggling from primitive savages to perfected spirits. He also
knew that for most of that journey we would not know what the future held. It was in recognition of
this truth that He gave us faith. This faith was bestowed in love and mercy, for the Father loves all
of his children. He would not have us suffer unnecessarily, would not let us be in doubt about our
eternal relation to Him. The Father also knew that starting out as we did that we would be deficient
in experience and wisdom. Having free will, we would also experience great trials and tribulations.
Not having any knowledge or wisdom to start with, we would be at the mercy of our environment
initially. This state would cause our latent potentials to emerge. 

It is true that we, the children of the Father, have all the potentials locked up within our souls that
we will ever need throughout all eternity. And it is because of this great truth and the great love that
our Father has for us, that the great revealer of our potentials, faith, has been given to us. But we, his
spiritual children must be willing to use this faith that has been so mercifully and lovingly given to
us as a light to show us the way. When spiritually used, this faith allows us to enjoy the spirit of the
future within our souls now. And since we are all just beginning this magnificent struggle, we should
always have faith in one another. We should follow the example of the Father, who knows our
careers for all time and eternity. Having put this great faith potential in us, the Father extends his
hand of mercy to the very end, even with foreknowledge of our ultimate decision concerning whether
we choose Him or not. His hand of love and mercy is always extended. This was graphically
demonstrated in the experience of His divine Son, Jesus, when he was on earth in human form. Even
though the divine Son knew what Judas would ultimately do, he continued to have faith in him to
the very end, refusing to give up on him. It was Judas who gave up on Jesus. 

In our relationships with our brothers and sisters, we are sure to encounter some who are tardy in
actualizing their faith potentials; some who will chose not to actualize their eternal potentials; and
some who valiantly act on hope and faith in the midst of their struggles. We should always remember
the inequality of relationships. That is, we should always remember that there will always be those
who are more or less developed than others. This gives us the opportunity to practice tolerance and
patience. Expecting a baby to talk is impossible. So is expecting a brother or sister to respond on a
spiritual level that they have not experientially achieved. With all of our brothers and sisters, we
should maintain a light of faith toward them. 

We should never grow weary and become discouraged by the momentary adverse changes of time
and space. Time and space may handicap and delay our spiritual growth but they cannot stop it. We
should always expect the best from our brothers and sisters, for eventually they will manifest the
best. This is the only moral and spiritual attitude that we should exercise. We should remember that
the Father Himself has sent His spirit to live and work within our souls and minds, doing everything
that is divinely possible to inspire and guide us into truth. In any encounter, we should remember that
it is not only our efforts that are involved in ministering to our brothers and sisters. The labor of the
heavenly hosts are arrayed to assist us with ultimate victory as well. 

We should refrain from thinking evil thoughts about our brothers and sisters and stop trying to judge
their motives, for we are incapable of doing that. Evil thoughts make us guilty of evil as well. We
should rather concentrate on the ideals of goodness in our encounters with those who challenge us.
We should not allow our emotional reactions to derail our decision to always abide by the Father's
will. We should not allow disappointment to sour our enthusiasm for ministering to our brothers and
sisters. Rather should we display the eternal success of our partnership with the holy Father. We
should trust the Father's goodness and that it will ultimately prevail. And as we stand for the values
of goodness, we incorporate these very values into our souls. The become part of our very being.
They make us just a little more Fatherlike, a little bit more like Jesus. 

Why should we express doubt about the validity of faith just because the delays of time and the
handicaps of space obscure its ultimate, eventual victory? Being eternal, faith transcends time and
space. We are all sons and daughters of the eternal Father, and if we wholeheartedly believe this, it
will not only fill us with great joy and peace but will reveal the secret for transforming this truth into
an absolute fact. The great faith will sustain us in the midst of our trials and tribulations and fill us
with spiritual joy and peace in the midst of travail. Why should we doubt just because faith is the
only vision that we have to see our way at this junction of existence? But in the larger sense, we will
always use faith in our relationships with an infinite and absolute God. Only the infinite can
comprehend the infinite. All others must precede by way of faith to make satisfactory progress in the
endless career. 

Let us move away from the joy killer and peace stealer of doubt. Let us walk boldly with faith as she
leads the way. Let us embrace those values and meanings that appear in our consciousness from our
merciful Father. Let us bask in the truth of His great love for us. Let us remind ourselves of the great
gift of faith that He has given us by using it to grow spiritually. It is, after all, what we
wholeheartedly believe that determines our attitude and ultimately our conduct. Yes! There is great
love in faith. It is there to inspire us, to hold us securely while we explore the endless Father and His
spiritual realities of truth, beauty, and goodness. Let us appreciate the value of His faith that He has
so freely given us. Let us get down to the business of mastering this life according to His will. Let
us grow, brothers and sisters, and grow some more, even throughout the eternal ages. Let's follow

This concludes today's message on understanding the love of faith. We hope you find something in
this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day. Until next time, this is Dr. James

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