The Relationship Between, Proscrastination, Doubt and Fear

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       By Dr. James  Perry       
Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done!
Greetings and good morning brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series
where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years,
the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them
with you. This morning we seek to understand the relationship between procrastination, doubt, and

And now, sit back and listen to today's message. 

The Relationship between Procrastination, Doubt, and Fear

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is
not made perfect in love." First John, Chapter 4, Verse 18.

The door opened and revealed panoramic view of incredible beauty,
Of light and love, and endless revelations of truth and goodness.
And it remained opened, but when it became clear that
No amount of time would induce him to enter therein,
The door slammed shut, never to open for him again.
Brothers and sisters, in today's broadcast, we shall explore the relationship between procrastination,
doubt, and fear. We shall see how these negative qualities effect our decisions, and ultimately
determine our fate. As always we shall use material analogies to assist us in our grasp of the more
spiritual aspects of these negative values and meanings. As always our aim is to continue our journey
up the spiritual mountain of faith with the aim of reaching the summit as soon as humanly possible.
We shall also show what the solution is for these regressive states of progress.

A certain fellow who has been more or less making his way through the straightway path of life,
finally came to a fork in the path. He had been on this path for so long that he began to long for
something different, an increase in his status. He had complained to himself that others always got
opportunities to advance, but never did he. Suddenly out of nowhere this fork in the road presented
itself. The straightway road of life branched off to the left, while the new road branched off to the

As he stood there pondering his options, he looked to the left. This road had long been familiar, and
he realized that he had enjoyed the ease of traveling down it. He reflected upon all of the joys and
pleasures that he had experienced. True, he felt a certain tugging for new adventure while on this
road; he felt the urge of challenge calling to him. As he looked down the smoothness of its path, it
seemed to stretch out into the far distance until it vanished over the horizon. He knew that he could
continue on this path without serious obstacles. When he looked to the right, he saw what was
amazingly different. This road was rocky, difficult to traverse; it was full of hairpin curves and
bends, so that he was unable to see very far down this road. 

Something inside of him told him that this was the adventure that he had been seeking; something
else inside of him told him to leave well enough alone. Why destroy the peace and harmony that he
had for an uncertain adventure? This voice spoke louder and louder, while another voice in soft tones
whispered to him saying, here lies growth and development, increased opportunity for change in your
status. Here is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

And as he pondered, weighing the values of each choice, his pondering turned into procrastination.
He begin to swing back and forth like a pendulum, first one road and then the other. Each choice--so
he thought--had its own recommendation. There was much to be said for a continued pleasant
journey down the road of life, even though it had become boring and unexciting. But on the other
hand he felt a mighty stirring in his heart at the thought of new adventures. And he went back and
forth, considering one option against the other, he became deadlocked.

He begin to think about his ability to take on this new challenge. If he went down the rough road of
progress and failed, what would happen to him then? By embracing the new but untried road, he
could lose all that he had gained on the smooth road of safety. At least on the safe and smooth road,
he was guaranteed his present status with life being easy. How would he continue if he failed in the
new quest? His mind became filled with doubt as he tried to weigh his abilities against his liabilities.
And although it was impossible for him to know what his real potentials were, he doubted whether
they were adequate for the challenge ahead. And then he became gripped by a nameless fear. 
He was afraid to make the decision for growth and development. He feared failure so much that it
overshadowed everything else. He just could not risk losing what he had for the possibility of gaining
that which he did not have. After all, a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush, he
thought, attempting to comfort himself and silence the voice of challenge in his soul. What a pity!
He would never know the meanings and values of the winding road. Even the road that he was on
had an end to it. Only the road with the curve goes on forever. Only the road with bends continues
without end, for the road of infinity is curved and not a straight line. And so he continued on down
the straight road, having turned his back on the rough road of opportunity of new adventure, and the
urge of progress in his soul expired. We see that at the bottom of material procrastination is fear,
which can only be overcome by faith. 

And now we move to spiritual procrastination, doubt, and fear. Two thousand years ago mankind
came to a spiritual fork in the road. Here after traveling along the road for ages of being servants of
God, they came to the junction of the road of divine sonship. This new road was created and revealed
by Jesus. Jesus came to set mankind free, to reveal to them their true status. He came to reveal to
them that God was their Father, and that man was indeed a son of God. "Behold what manner of love
the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God." He came to invite them
into the joys of spiritual liberty, to become active sons of the heavenly Father, and to leave behind
the bondage of being servants. By doing this he set into motion the great conflict between continuing
to travel on the smooth road of spiritual bondage and journeying on the rough road of spiritual liberty
and endless opportunity for growth and development. 

And though there can be no greater news, still the vast majority of mankind languishes at the
crossroad of indecision. These procrastinators debate within their heart whether such a thing is
possible for a human being to be a son of God, even as they acknowledge intellectually that it is.
They have become stuck on the horns of dilemma. Similar to the material example they ponder the
pleasant life of being a material servant as opposed to embracing life as spiritual son of God, with
all of its privileges and responsibilities. This new status of sons of God brings with it all of their
ardent hopes and desires, the desire for eternal life as opposed to the mortal life of death. They
ponder this decision in their hearts and soon move to procrastination. They will not decide to pursue
a new status. They just continue to weigh the pros and cons of servant versus sonship, back and

And when they think about the awesome privilege and responsibility of being sons of God, they
falter and become seized with doubt. Once they enter this valley, it becomes very hard to accept the
invitation of divine sonship, to become one with the Father through Jesus. They doubt whether it is
possible for the divine nature to take hold of their lives. They wonder if they have the capacity to
make this transition. They wonder whether they have the ability or capacity to assume such a bold
status while living in the flesh. They wonder whether it is possible for them to be born again. In their
hearts they are torn between the divine voice that says "come, my son, accept your birthright" and
between the voice of the flesh that says ““you are a servant and shall remain one until you die.””
Back and forth they go, trying to make a decision. 

Jesus says to them: "How long will you tarry in the valley of decision? Why do you halt between two
opinions? Why should Jew or gentile hesitate to accept the good news that he is a son of the eternal
God? How long will it take us to persuade you to enter joyfully into your spiritual inheritance? I
came into this world to reveal the Father to you and to lead you to the Father. The first I have done,
but the last I may not do without your consent; the Father never compels any man to enter the
kingdom. The invitation ever has been and always will be: whosoever will, let him come and freely
partake of the water of life."

And as they continue this process, they move into fear. They become gripped by a terrible fear of the
unknown, of being presumptuous, of the powerlessness of their own desire. They become afraid that
they will fail and lose even their status of being a servant. But again they must realize that the road
of being a servant ends; only the road of divine sonship continues on, with its curves and bends. Only
this road is eternal and infinite. The road of servant is only a temporary road made possible by the
delays of time and the handicaps of space. Only the road of divine sonship has ever-increasing values
and progressive meanings. The servant does not abide in his lord's house for ever——but the son

And finally, once again we see that fear lies at the bottom of man's refusal to accept his true
birthright. This nameless and baseless fear can be expelled only by the grand leap of faith, to boldly
declare, ““yes! I am a son of the heavenly Father, and I reveal his divine nature. I am one with him,
now and forever more.”” There can be no procrastination when it comes to accepting our divine
status of who we are. Why should we even consider procrastinating over such a wonderful truth?
Why should we doubt such a glorious fact, and why should we be afraid of our heavenly Father,
whose sons and daughters we are? Our faith tells us that we should have no fear in accepting our
birthright, for such an acceptance can only mean an eternal life of truth revelations, beauty
magnification, and goodness saturation, and an endless dwelling in the love of the heavenly Father.

This concludes today's message on understanding the relationship between procrastination, doubt,
and fear. We hope you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your

Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry. 

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