The Revelation of the Spiritual Father

Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them with you. This morning we seek to understand the revelation of the spiritual Father.

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The Revelation of the Spiritual Father

"Jesus saith unto him, ‘‘have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Phillip? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.’’" John, Chapter 14, Verse 9

Brothers and sisters, in today’’s broadcast, we share with you the living truth of the spiritual Father through His Son, Jesus. On this special day for lovers, Valentine’’s Day, we would like to make the effort to reveal the spiritual Father through living truth on a day when millions and millions of mortals are celebrating their love for each other. Some are literally swooning by the ecstasy of a newly beginning romance, with its raging emotional content that promises so much for their selfish focus on happiness. Others have quieted the flame of youth by the smoldering blanket of time as the unrequited love of former days that promised so much emotional joy delivered them into the responsibility of endless watchcare of family and children. Their affection has become more deeply rooted and therefore stable. Their appreciation for each other is symbolized on this day. While still others who have never made the transformation to any kind of sincere affection are thrilled not so much by the symbols of affection that are shown on Valentine’’s Day but by the gifts themselves.

But there is still a greater love, a divine love that utterly eclipses all affections of romantic and fraternal love. The appreciation of this love lies asleep in the souls of most people, waiting to be awakened. This divine love, love of the heavenly Father, glorifies all legitimate experiences, whether romantic or fraternal, or while displayed during the routine activities of daily living.

Before going further, we must prepare the mind and soul to receive revelations of this timeless and spaceless eternal affection by using a series of analogies to help us reach the threshold of spiritual perception.
The first in this series is a physical analogy, designed for our five senses. Fossil fuels have become the mainstay of our modern society. We use it to generate various kinds of energy needed to fuel our manifold activities. Now the search for this fuel requires quite a bit of effort and money. Prospective sites are tested frequently to determine whether they hold the world’’s valuable resource. After many false starts, crude oil is located far below the surface of the earth. Using ingenious techniques, it is brought to the surface to be transported to refineries, where it is transformed into the various fuels that we use to power our society. The persistent efforts of explorers revealed the valuable fuel and was an occasion of great physical joy.

Next is an intellectual analogy, designed for our intellectual appreciation. A conductor of an orchestra has an assembly of musical instruments consisting of woodwinds, percussion, strings and brass instruments. These are arranged so that, when played together, a beautiful sound comes forth. By skillfully conducting the orchestra, the conductor reveals the underlying beauty, harmony, and melody that is so satisfying to the mind. This music is also pleasing to the emotions and the soul.

A professor giving a lecture wants to reveal certain facts and meanings to his students. He is very familiar with his material, but he becomes ill: someone else must deliver the written lecture. The substitute reads the professor’’s lecture. He is a skillful reader, and by carefully enunciating the words, pausing at the appropriate points and emphasizing certain words or phrases, he is able to make the topic come alive. He reads the document so skillfully that the students are able to visualize the entire concept. The mind is able to take a snapshot of the lecture, as it were. This is a revelation of meanings to the mind.

The next is an emotional analogy. Whereas in the intellectual analogy, certain points were emphasized, pausing at commas, stopping momentarily at periods, and longer rests between paragraphs, the emotional analogy does not pause at all: the whole revelation is filled with emotion. Consider the singer who sings a love song of unrequited love, or a musician who plays a soulful song with his saxophone, or the poet who reads a joyful or tragic poem. These works are filled with the emotions of the performer through and through, and we are made to feel what they feel. This is a revelation of feelings.

Before reaching the threshold of spiritual perception, we turn to a moral analogy. This step is not so easy to demonstrate verbally, but we are all familiar with moral reality. It is the duty call placed on us, the ability and the willingness to accept responsibility and to carry it out acceptably. When responsibilities are carried out correctly, then does the melody of moral revelation break though the animal nature. The revelation of the moral nature qualifies the self for the greatest revelation of all, the spiritual revelation of the spiritual Father. 
Now we have shown how physical (material) discoveries are revealed, how intellectual meanings are shared, how emotions are felt, and how morality is experienced, all of which are designed to move us closer to the transforming experience of divine love. Next is the greatest revelation of all--the revelation of the spiritual Father.

God is love. To bestow this love upon another (to love another) is to reveal that love. This love is like a light that radiates from every pore. As we see love being bestowed by a brother or sister, that person’’s entire being is pervaded by it. Every response, every action is pervaded by this love. The tone and quality of her voice reveals this divine affection. His mind marshals the wisdom that makes this display of affection wise as well as right. Her emotional attitude and even her moral attitude is saturated by this love. The look in his eyes, his smile, his gestures, his empathy and sympathy all bespeak of the radiation of divine love from him. Even her body language, its configuration, displays divine love as it welcomes and accepts the brother or sister who receives the divine affection.

Now see yourself in your next encounter with her, the spiritual glow bursting forth from you. Show that kindly smile that removes all fear from the individual as he approaches you, and give a loving hug that comforts her. Listen with compassion and empathy as he emotionally unloads the burdens of his soul. Show the care and concern in your eyes and voice as you interact with her. Allow the spirit to configure your body language so that you help him be at perfect ease. Allow the light of the desire to do good to bathe her. As all of this is happening, know that this is the revelation of the spiritual Father through His Son, Jesus.
This concludes today's message on the revelation of the spiritual Father. We hope you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day.

Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry. 

The Revelation of the Spiritual Father

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