The Symphony of Love

Greetings and good morning, brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them with you. This morning we reflect on the Symphony of Love. 

And now, sit back and listen to today's message 

The Symphony of Love 

"And it came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord, saying, for he is good for his mercy endureth for ever." Second Chronicles, Chapter 5, Verse 13

A snow flake is a crystallized drop of water. Its form and shape are unique and so no two are alike. A flake of snow is soft, pure, and gentle. A flake of snow falls on top of a mountain, ever so gently. It lands without a sound and is unannounced. It lies there on top of the mountain waiting patiently with its others brother and sisters of snowflakes the day when heat concealed in light will change its form and start it on its long but eventful journey down the mountain. 

As the sun shines on the snowflakes, its form changes. It becomes a drop of water, a liquid, a fluid, a form that seeks the lowest level. As the drop of water starts its downward flow, it is joined by other drops of water. It becomes a trickle. Soon it runs into its first barrier, a small cavern. It seems as if the trickle of water is blocked, but as it continues to trickle in, it soon fills the small cavern and overflows it, having become transformed into a stream as a result of its conquest of the cavern. 
Now as the stream starts its journey down the mountain, much stronger and more powerful in its new form, it now is confronted by an even larger barrier. After a long period of time, the stream finally emerges as a mighty river. It now has the form that will conquer all barriers that might stand in its way on its journey to join the ocean at the bottom of the mountain. The death of the snowflake, then, is really the birth of the drop of water that eventual becomes part of the mighty ocean.

The Father through His Son, Jesus, the conductor of the symphony of love arranges instruments so that the maximum effect is achieved. Using his baton he controls the participation of the various instruments, their tones, and pitches. The celestial hosts are now seated and wait with keen anticipation the unfolding of this sympathy. Now we invite you to sit back and allow your spiritual imagination to enjoy this spiritual treat as well. The Conductor of the symphony of love signals a lone violin of creativity to begin playing a soft serenade. This violin of creativity is soon joined by other instruments of creativity, the violas of faith, the cellos of hope, and the string basses of trust. 
These instruments of growth soon produce a soul. Now this soul comes into existence under a tremendous handicap as it incubates. But under the soothing sounds of the strings of creativity, it soon begins its journey of growth down the mountain of struggle. It soon grows to the point where it develops into the will to believe. And now as it runs into its first obstacle, the cavern of doubt, the cymbals of help join into the symphony of love. Loud is the cry of the cymbals of help, but forthcoming is the flute of mercy along with the oboes of grace, the clarinets of strength, and the bassoons of direction. At the same time, the Conductor of the symphony of love signals to the instruments to increase their volume. Also the violas of faith move above the other instruments and play a soothing balm of comfort. When the soul receives a vision of God, a peace that passes all understanding envelops it. And now the oboes of grace begin a lovely duet with the horns of struggle. And as the horns of struggle threaten to overwhelm the soul, the oboes of grace rise to maintain the balance between the horns of struggle and the oboes of grace. This delicate balance allows the soul to continue to make progress. Under these spiritual instruments, the soul overcomes this obstacle, only one of many to be encountered as it struggles down the mountain of growth to achieve divine perfection.

But the soul has not matured yet. It is still the will to believe and it stumbles. But it is not proud and arrogant. And neither is it egotistical. The disappointments of evil and error serve as adequate stimulation for course direction and the soul seeks redress for its mistakes. It hungers for truth and thirsts for righteousness. Immediately the Conductor signals the bells of forgiveness and the triangles of reinstatement to sound their healing notes. And these bells of forgiveness and triangles of reinstatement continue to make their contribution to the symphony, admittedly an ever decreasing contribution as the soul continues to mature. These instruments after making their appearance recede into the background but ever attentive to the Conductor should they be needed. They serve a vital function in the symphony of love.

The soul now becomes the will that believes, and runs into an even larger obstacles, the obstacles of selfishness. This obstacle takes some time to overcome, and more instruments of creativity are brought to bear in the struggle. The soul overcomes selfishness and is born again. And now for the first time, the harpsichord of wisdom makes it appearance. This instrument placed at strategic points in the symphony adds body to the whole. It allows the soul to avoid those distressing encounters with evil and error. But the harpsichord of wisdom is skillfully woven into the melody of truth. And now the violas of faith reach an even higher level and begin to play the sweet melody of truth playing with the quality of Largo. This melody of truth is soon joined by the kettle drums of goodness. The drum of goodness with its rich and deep tones of dependability and faithfulness provides a solid foundation for the newly awakened soul to the reality of augmented values and meanings. And now the melody of truth begins its solo, while the other instruments gracefully and gently decrease their tones. 

The melody of truth winds, snakes, zigzags, twists, and turns its way along the path of the love. This route that the melody of truth takes with its new values and meanings raptures the soul, and the soul is now bathed with the saxophones of beauty with its artistic wail. Joining the saxophones of beauty are the pianos of gentleness, the organs of meekness, and the xylophones of temperance. These instruments of beauty invoke the harps of dedication which now for the first time increases their volume so that it matches the volume of faith. These instrument invokes memories in the soul of its eternal destiny.

And now the soul begins a steady growth uninterrupted by evil or error, and it responds perfectly to the leading of the spirit in conjunction with this new state of stability. The Conductor signals to the snare drum of long suffering to increase its intensity. For most of the symphony it has been playing in the background like a low roll of thunder, stabilizing the whole ensemble, but now this new increase is made necessary by the final effort of the soul to become the will that is. As this snare drum of long suffering increases its intensity, the soul in response clears all of the remaining obstacles, and boldly declares his oneness with the spirit.

And now the Conductor of the symphony of love signals to the instruments to merge their tones of truth, beauty, and goodness into the harmony of love. And the soul is once again raptured as it experiences the unification of these tones of truth, beauty, and goodness. The soul now becomes the will that is. 

And as the final triumph of the soul is made, the Conductor signals the trumpets of victory to join in, and loud is their piercing sound, drowning out all the other instruments, but not for long because the Conductor of the symphony of love signals the other instrument to increase their volume. But the trumpets of victory will not be outdone as they find new heights of tones. And as they continue to blast their tones of victory, the whole ensemble bursts into pure peace and joy as the soul clears it last hurdle of growth and joins the mighty ocean of love at the bottom of the mountain. And now with a final gesture, the Conductor of the symphony of love signals all the instruments in one final flourish of triumphant glory and ecstasy. And this adds the final finishing touches of growth to the soul as it joins its maker eternally at the bottom of the ocean of love. And the celestial host rise to their feet with thunderous applause, and the Conductor in his usual unassuming way just smiles. 

This concludes today's message on the enjoyment of the sympathy of love. We hope you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your day. 

Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry. 

​Your Kingdom  Come; Thy Will Be Done
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