Walking with the Father

Greetings and good morning brothers and sisters. This is Dr. James Perry continuing with our series
where we seek to explore the deeper meanings of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years,
the heavenly Father has revealed many revelations of spiritual truth to me, and I want to share them
with you. This morning we seek to understand the meaning of walking with the Father. 

  And now, sit back and listen to today's message. 

  Walking with the Father 

  Jesus said, "If  man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him: and
  we will come unto him, and make our abode with him." John, Chapter 14, Verse 23. 
  Brothers and sisters, walking with the Father is a spiritual experience and therefore must be
  understood in spiritual terms. But much can be gained by the analogy of a small child
  walking with his earthly father. Let us look at a material analogy and by contrast attempt to
  grasp the spiritual walk with the heavenly Father. 

  One day after the child had progressed to the point where he was ready for some experiences
  apart from his mother, about 5 or 6 years of age, his earthly father said to him, "son, I want
  to take you on a journey. Its not too long, but it will require some effort from you. But you
  should be able to make it if you really desire to go. We are going to see and learn some
  interesting things. I want you to have this experience. I think it will help you a lot, and
  especially help you when it comes time for you to be a father to your own children. Now this
  journey that we are going on will require a lot of courage and will require that you trust me
  completely. You know, son, that I love you with all of my heart, and would never willingly
  allow anything to harm you. Are you willing to make this journey with me? You don't have
  to go if you don't want to go." The child who loved his father and enjoyed being in his
  father's presence said, with that trusting glee, "gee dad, yes, I want to go." So the earthly
  father said to his child, "let us make ready and leave first thing in the morning. And son, you
  don't need to worry, I will be holding your hand, and guiding you every step of the way." 

  So early the next morning, the Father took his son by the hand and they started on their
  journey. The first major obstacle that the child saw was this busy highway, with cars moving
  by very fast in both directions. Occasionally, he would see a break in the traffic but before
  he could make up his mind as to whether he should go for it, the traffic closed rank, and it
  became impossible for him to see how to cross the highway. About this time his father with
  his hand in check observed the traffic, and when according to his judgement, it was suitable
  walked across the highway with the child, safely crossing over to the other side. The child
  was frightened as they rushed across the busy highway, and he was afraid that he might get
  hit by a car, but the father timed it just right. And though it was only for a short while that
  the traffic changed patterns, it was sufficient time for them to cross over to the other side. 
Still holding the child's hand, the father walked past the city zoo, and there saw and heard a
  ferocious lion who was roaring behind the bars. The child was scared to death as he saw the
  sharp and horrible teeth of the lion as he roared. He could just imagine himself being eaten
  alive by that lion. But his father did not seen to be alarmed at all and continued to hold his
  hand snugly and securely, as they walked right by that lion without that lion touching him
  at all. He smiled to himself after they had gotten past the lion's cage. His father had told him
  everything would be all right, and he felt good and secure now that he was past that lion's

  Still they walked on. Soon they came to a ferry embarkation, and he could see cars driving
  onto the ferry and people getting out of their cars and looking over the rails of the ferry at the
  water. His father walked onto the boat, still holding his hand, and sat at a bench near one of
  the rails. The child looked through the rail and saw all that water. Why, it seemed to him that
  the whole world was filled with water. He wondered what would happened if the boat sank.
  "How could it support all of those cars and people?" he thought to himself. He was very
  concerned, but his father just smiled at him and told him that it was okay. It would be all
  right; the boat would not sink. And soon they were underway, moving toward the other side
  of the lake. Soon the ferry docked, and after a few minutes, he and his father walked off of
  the ferry, safely. Now that he was off the ferry he had to admit that it was not that bad at all.
  In fact he enjoyed the ride. 

  Continuing to walk, they soon came to an amusement park. Here were all kinds of rides, and
  the child's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He wanted to go on all the rides, even the ones
  that were not safe for someone his age, and he begged and begged his father to allow him to
  ride on one of those monster roller coasters, but his father refused, saying, "one day when
  you are older, but not right now. It is not safe for you at this time." The child was sad for
  awhile, but he soon regained his childish glee at the thought of riding on the other rides that
  were safe for him to ride, and he had a wonderful time. His father even agreed to stand by
  on the side watching him. His father was not far from him, and could intervene anytime that
  was needful, but the child did not know this. 

  Finally, the day came to an end, and it became dusk, and soon nightfall occurred. The child
  was tired but satisfied. He had played so hard that his little legs were so tired he could barely
  walk, and he wondered how he would make it back home. While he was thinking about this,
  his father picked him up and sat him on his shoulders. Before long he was back at home,
  sleepy and tired, but very happy and satisfied. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered how
  his father knew so much and how he became so brave. He hoped that his father would take
  him on many more trips, even though sometimes he might be afraid. He realized that he
  could trust his father, and that he was precious to his father. After all, he realized that his
  father loved him with all of his heart. 

  Now we see in this story how the earthly father protected the physical well being of his child
  as his child went on a journey with him. Now having this little story as backdrop, let us use
  it as an elevator as we move to the spiritual level. 

  The heavenly Father loves his son. The Father has the hand of his spiritual child and is
  leading him on an endless journey. The soul is precious in the sight of the Father, and the
  Father has this soul by his all powerful all merciful hand. And he says to his child, "I would
  like to take you on a journey. Would you like to go? You don't have to go, but it would give
  me great satisfaction if you went. What I would like to show you is concealed in space and
  revealed in time. I want to take you on an endless journey of discovery of the meanings and
  values that are mine." 

  "It will take some time and some space to traverse, but if you will follow me, as I am
  revealed in my Son, I promise you that you will be truly happy, and my son I will protect you.
  I will not allow anything whatsoever to touch you. Many things may appear to threaten you.
  But I assure you that as long as you hold my hand and allow me to hold yours, nothing,
  absolutely nothing can harm you. I know you may have some questions, but let me anticipate
  some of them, and explain a few things to you. First, as your spiritual Father, you can best
  know my character by viewing the character of my Son. He absolutely and perfectly reveals
  to you what I am like in my personal dealings with my children. If you don't follow my Son,
  then you will never know what I am like. And this is important because this journey that I
  am going to take you on requires that you become more and more like me as we progress.
And one more thing my son, you must also follow the directions of my Spirit. My Spirit will
  arrange the itinerary of the journey. She will make sure that we meet those other children
  who will help you to become like me by getting to know them even as you get to know me.
  You will learn to love them. And my son I want you to realize that though they may be
  different from you, some may be smarter or not as smart as you, they are still my children and
  I love all of them. Is that clear? Okay then let us begin." 

  "First I want you to meet, Mealy Mouth. Mealy is a child of mine that I desire to teach how
  to control his tongue. He says the first thing that comes into his mind, often causing
  misunderstanding. He has a good heart but he has this weakness, you know not the same
  weakness that you have, but just as much in need of correcting as your weakness. We correct
  these weaknesses by showing or displaying the correct attitude to the weak soul. This is what
  I want you to do. When Mealy says those hurtful and insensitive things to you, I want you
  to smile kindly at him and forgive him immediately. I also want you to take the time to really
  get to know him. He is really afraid that no one will accept him as he really is, and he feels
  that no one really loves him. Do you think you can do it?"   "With your help, I think I can do it, but what happens if I fail?" 

  "Well, my child, if you fail, just pick yourself up and try again and keep trying until you
  succeed. Remember I have already told you that no harm can befall you. When you finish
  that task, I have something else for you to do. I have a child that I love very much, but he
  refuses to hold my hand. His name is Nilworth. He has low self-esteem and he does not trust
  me. I want you to demonstrate to him how to trust me." 

  "But how do I do that?" 

  "Well, my son, you demonstrate how to trust me by your trusting me. In order words, no
  matter how things appear in the short run, no matter how dreadful things may appear, no
  matter how confusing things may appear to be, you just keep on exercising trust in me by
  insisting that all things work together for good for those who love me. If you keep doing this
  for him, he will eventually grasp this attitude and will hold my hand and walk with me too.
  Then his low self esteem will be lost in the dust of forever. I have great work for him, too." 
  "And my son when you finished that little bit of work, I have more work for you to do. There
  is this son of mine who does not know he belongs to me. His same is Sam Selfish. I want you
  to show him what a true son of mine is like. I want you become his friend and do little things
  for him without his asking for them. Don't let him know that you are going to do these things
  for him. Just do it! Soon he will begin to wonder why you do these unselfish and loving
  things for him. And when he does, be sure to tell and show him in terms that he can
  understand. Don't blind him with the 'Full Monty.' Let the light shine without blinding him." 

  "And when you have completed that task, my son, I have a most challenging assignment for
  you. I have this son, who my other children have been trying to reach. But they have failed
  to reach him. His name is Rebel. I want you to show him my goodness with such depth of
  quality that he will be compelled to repent and come back home and take my hand. Now my
  child, I know that he has free will, and he can decide to never come home, but my hope is
  always extended toward my children. As long as there is a chance that he will come home,
  I will continue to send my other sons after him. I may even have to send my first born after
  him if you fail, but I don't think that will be necessary. I think you can do it. And these are
  the tools that I want you to use in your endeavor. First of all, establish contact with him. My
  spirit has arranged a situation whereby he will be in your circle long enough to accomplish
  this task." 

  "Here are your tools: love, faith, goodness, gentleness, temperance, meekness, long suffering,
  peace and joy. And when these have done their work, send in the big guns of mercy and
  forgiveness. I believe these will work with him. What do you say? Are you willing to give
  it a try? When you have finished all these tasks that I have assigned you, there will be a big
  surprise party awaiting you, one beyond your wildest dreams. Eye has not seen nor ear heard,
  not has it entered into the mind of men what I have planned for you. So hold on to my hand
  and I will hold on to yours, and even if you get tired, I will still have you by the hand and will
  never let you go, for you are my son and are precious in my sight. Now walk with me, my
  son, and I will give you rest and replenish your depleted energies. And one day you will hold
  my hand so long and so tightly that our hands will become one. Then what is mine will be
  yours and what is yours will be mine. You will become like me, eternal and absolutely
  This concludes today's message on understanding the meaning of walking with the Father.
  We hope you find something in this message to ponder and pray about as you go about your
  day. Until next time, this is Dr. James Perry.  
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